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New loop

2010-05-21 15:04:54 by PeckaPrime

Posted a loop, wont type much here, said it all there basically, go check it out. laterz

new trance track out !!

2009-09-07 18:57:44 by PeckaPrime

Well i stopped lazying around for a while and finally got myself to make some new trance,
give it a listen here


Hi !

2008-10-24 18:48:49 by PeckaPrime


Im up to my neck is school right now, and i probably will be throughout the summer, so you may not see new tracks for a while, maybe even months, I need to get this shit together.

Also quite frankly im not really in the mood for making tracks right now, i still mess around every now and then, but you know after you make some melodies, beat and all that, well after that all that's left is hard work. And I don't really feel like doing that right now.

Im just gonna take it easy for a while, and hopefully finish this semester in school.

Check out my songs, and enjoy,
see ya.