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MindChamber the begining MindChamber the begining

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

what's with the chair

It's pretty good and all, interesting,
but what's with the chair, seriously

first it's kinda hard to tell which is the chair and which is the coat, since they are the same color and kinnda flow one into the other.

second and this seriously bugged me and stopped me from enjoying the pic since it just looks weird - what's with that left leg area, it's like you ment to make the leg wider and then forgot to fill the gap with the chair, there's a huge hole through the chair into the background floor. Looks really weird.

You must have seen that, it's huge, and noone mentioned that ?, so maybe you left it there on purpouse ?, cuz you were lazy ? i dunno, kinnda messes the thing for me tho, Since the rest is nice.

later, man

MindChamber responds:

weird, that left leg I thought came out pretty good,

the coat is light blue and the chair is brown, so Im not sure how they are blending together. but I do see that gap tho. I might touch that up now infact

The Real Crashers The Real Crashers

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Why do i get the feeling that im looking at an album cover for some random metal group... Had to get that off my chest.
...hmm then again maybe some weird japanese visual-key group...
...very band-ish for some reason...

Nice work tho. I came here for the tits in the thumbnail tho.
Keep it chill.

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