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Definetly the best flash i've seen all day, I don't normali rewiew flash, but i just had to review this one, honestly didn't expect anything like that, the art was pretty well done, static, but i got the message through, facial expressions were priceless. All in all, compared to other "first flashes" this was amazing.

I realize that this sort of "random" flashes are in abundance here on newgrounds, but i really liked this one.

Keep up the good work my man.

Party's over

You get a nine just for that line.

glasscake responds:

You get a responce just because that rhymed.

loved it

It was awesome, 5/5.
Those kids only think of themselves these days.

Blaklyon responds:

Yeah, damn those selfish kids! Thanks for the review!

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Saw your front page post,
checked this out,
was pleasantly surprised,
faved both you and song.


NIce, later man.

PERVOK responds:

Thank you for the kind review :)

Percussion is where you reign man

I notice this in a lot of your tracks, you have a great feel and timing for percussion elements, and when you experiment in that area there's always a great result.

The synths and melodic elements are pretty basic and average tho in my opinion, and your transitions could use some more thought, since you tend to just bring stuff in, full swing, no nice passages.

later man.

Yumbo-Yak responds:

actually i think that transitions are my worst area...if possible could u think of a good example that i could listen to? just find a song with good transitions and leave the title and the artist in my inbox here on ng, i should be able to find anything.

but as far as the other elements being basic and average i tried not to be all super crazy with this one on purpose, some fam wanted to see what I could come up with in terms of RnB so i made this one especially for them.

But i'm glad u enjoyed it none the less, good review and i hope u will enjoy more of my art soon :3 Cheers!

good shit man, really good shit

This is some sweet stuff you got cookin, i like it.
Some good stuff you did with the transitions, shit's heavy on the reverb,
Melody is the minimal goodness, and the muddy kicks and bass are a must in such tracks.
it's good stuff man, i like it. I'll look forward to the full thing.

Later man, :D

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what's with the chair

It's pretty good and all, interesting,
but what's with the chair, seriously

first it's kinda hard to tell which is the chair and which is the coat, since they are the same color and kinnda flow one into the other.

second and this seriously bugged me and stopped me from enjoying the pic since it just looks weird - what's with that left leg area, it's like you ment to make the leg wider and then forgot to fill the gap with the chair, there's a huge hole through the chair into the background floor. Looks really weird.

You must have seen that, it's huge, and noone mentioned that ?, so maybe you left it there on purpouse ?, cuz you were lazy ? i dunno, kinnda messes the thing for me tho, Since the rest is nice.

later, man

MindChamber responds:

weird, that left leg I thought came out pretty good,

the coat is light blue and the chair is brown, so Im not sure how they are blending together. but I do see that gap tho. I might touch that up now infact


Why do i get the feeling that im looking at an album cover for some random metal group... Had to get that off my chest.
...hmm then again maybe some weird japanese visual-key group...
...very band-ish for some reason...

Nice work tho. I came here for the tits in the thumbnail tho.
Keep it chill.

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